This is the second of two releasers from Scottish noise maker Kylie Minoise(aka Lea Cummings) which shows him offering a varied, consistent and inventive collection of tracks which puts him in the same draw as great noise makers like Merzbow, Lasse Marhaug & John Wiese.
The album takes in 8 tracks and comes in around the 50 minute mark and much like the first disk Kylie Minoise Fucking loves you it offers up loads of sonic variation, mayhem and atmosphere. Opening up the album we have Neck brace Art Appreciation Club which opens with a harsh galloping static tone that slowly opens up into this harmonic drone organ texture. Before going into slowed chopping noise beats, junky matter and horror organ harmonics- the track wonderfully balancing seething noise and atmospherics. Next up Organ donor scandal kicks in with a churning idustrlized indie rock type vibe giving a slowed down Jesu like vibe.
The continued pursuit of novelty opens with a hellish amped-up grateing glass like tone, before dropping into noise infested spacey like drone muisc. Giving the feeling akin to been taken back to alien space craft for experiments, before it kicks in with a sludgy guitar riff and singeing noise matter. And just like Kylie Minoise Fucking loves you this ends with another epic 22 minute track entitled The lords of Astral projection beyond the golden light blessing everyone of us with joy. Which starts up with a rumbling thick noise air with weird wooden vibe like settling and taping on top of it, as this progresses it becomes more tense, haunted. At about the mid-way point a sad harmonic stuck textured circles out and the original elements lessens- it soundis almost a bit Russian in origin full with cold despair. Before the track builds up to a mournful guitar drone flecked with noise matter ending.
With out doubt both of theses disks are highlights of these years noise releasers with Cummings building clever, brutal and often atmospheric tracks through-out. Really both disks are must buys, even if you have only a passing interest in the noise genre. Through I think this one is my favourite of the pair as it adds in more surprising and atmospheric elements- really mixing atmosphere and noise wonderfully. 4 page booklet in jewel case, on disk printing.
Roger Batty (Musique Machine)

CDR - £6.00