This is the first of two new releases from Scottish noise maker Kylie Minoise(aka Lea Cummings) which shows him offering a varied, consistent and inventive collection of tracks that put him in the same draw as great noise makers like Merzbow, Lasse Marhaug & John Wiese.
The disk takes in 11 tracks and comes in just short of the hour mark with a few of my favourite moments and a good idea of the scope of sound covered here would be; Yakuza Vampire Foetus which is built around a looped and feedback amassed organ tone and ranted vocals beneath the surface, it builds up this great wall of sound that’s suffocating yet atmospheric with Cummings nicely building tension with accelerated tones with-in the mass of sound. Skins of the fathers starts up with a grim, grey and bizarrely groovy industrial rhythmic loop and builds up -layers of crowd like chants, toning atmospheric synth patterns and slight noise fuzzed textures. Beatnik Wanton sounds like an electric saw sound slowed down then cut up into layers of pushing pulse like textures which nicely slice into your brain. And finishing off the album we have the epic 22 minute track Elsewhere with a Tranquil Shamelessness, which starts off with thick ‘n’ sinister droning string like textures. Before building up a slow throbbing noise purr which sounds like it’s coming from a guitar- which grows and grows in depth and noise. With Cummings building atmosphere, tension and brutality in a very satisfying manner. Before mid-way dropping out into rather haunted and sinister drones cape expanse, which sounds like he's utilizing muffed and stretched out bell like harmonic tones. It rather settles nicely around you like harmonic yet creepy sound fog.
With out doubt both of these disks are one highlights of this years noise releasers with Cummings building clever, brutal and often atmospheric tracks through-out. Really both disks are must buys – even if you have only a passing interest in the noise genre. 4 page booklet in jewel case, on disk printing. Roger Batty (Musique Machine)

CDR - £6.00