The Paralysis Sect sees UK noise extraordinaire Kylie Minoise pouring out three long tracks of grim, pained, often airless and soured drone craft and suffocating noise pressing. Each track sonically humming of despair, decay and ruin that’s strangely compelling
First up we have Nothing but Grief which is built around a slow grey guitar or synth feed back purr ‘n’ smother & around the edger’s of the Central drone are bell toning like elements, cow moans and general mournful/deceased sonic detail. It feels like walking through an seemingly endless slaughterhouse piled high with decaying cow carcass's. Next up is Musk, Hashish and blood which is built around a series of soured and wince inducing yet sludgy harmonic tones, greyed feedback buzzers and unwell drone matter. One can almost picture a slowed down merry-go-round full of real rotting horse instead of wooden ones. Lastly we have Universal Doubts & Everyday Frailties(Pig Mix) which is the more noise like of the three track here. It's centered around slow hovering clouds of ill at easy static,at first we have just mournful moans and uneasy aquatic tone, and stretched out bass tones slip in & out of the static grey clouds. But at about the quarter way point a slow brittle ‘n’ wood stick sounding percussive element is added in- as the track fluctuates in a grim and noise manner like a mix of slowed bomber plane drone & hull of a boat groans. Towards the end of the track a harmonic side starts to surface- but it’s still buried deep in static fog. 4 Page booklet in jewel case, on disk printing.

Roger Batty (Musique Machine)


CDR - £6.00