"If any release within these pages fills me with hope then it's this one. If any release shows that noise can travel in new directions giving the listener an enthralling, exhilarating, erudite, blasting, blissful trip then it is this one. For this is the best release to come into these hands for many an issue and one that fills me with hope for the future of noise. Not that this is an all out ball busting 58 minute bowel warping blast of ear drill. No siree Bob. This has depth and subtlety and nuance that makes all those sudden noise blurts all the more effective. Gives it more impact. Knowarramean? Because a noise CD doesn't have to have a cover of a shit eating woman, it doesn't have to be aimless aggression, 70 minute solo sets, a table full of gadgets that your dad bought you. It can be Myra Hindley on the cover though with drawn in laser eyes. Keeping one foot in the old school and sticking two fingers up to it at the same time by drawing in laser eyes. Track titles bemuse, confound and raise titters: 'They turned away, together from the horror, and wrapped their arms around each other, then picked their way through the carnage to the car' - a track that starts and ends with slightly reverbed church bells and has a blistering noise barrage for filling. The opening track, 'Hot Teens Hooked on Cosmetic Surgery' opens like a bomb going off in a disco and ends with a cradling hum. 'SpreeVSteal' is but data transmission flurries, 'Acid Ass Ass In' is but 50 seconds of white hiss. All 14 tracks show that a fertile mind is at work. Anyone with the right equipment can churn out a half decent 60 minute noise CD these days. It takes someone special to come up with something as original as the ear tickling blisters of 'How to Ruin Someone's Life' to the looped bass riffs of 'The Last Survivors of a Band of Nude and Long Haired Thieves'. The most original and utterly brilliant noise related release that it has been my pleasure to review for quite some time. And the best bit is this; American? Japanese? How about English? Put that in your noise war CDs and shove it up your arse." IDWAL FISHER


CD - £6.00