Nine brand new blistering tracks of luminous,vomit-splattered aural hit and run from notorious U.K. feedback ninja Kylie Minoise.Thrill to the vile spectacle of mangled skum-pop convulsions!! Shiver at tasteless necrophilic rock‘n’roll decomposition!!! Immerse yourself in a spiralling hypno-spiritual miasma of mesmeric bliss!!!!

"Where would the world be without acts like Kylie Minoise endeavouring to take the most innocuous of sounds and turn them into sonic weaponry? Undoubtedly in a brighter, happier place but then, there’s no fun in that. His latest assault utilises jazz, ambient and healthy doses of punk before contorting them and adding a sizeable dose of pulsing noise to form an unsettling work, an album that exudes paranoia at every turn. The focus is undoubtedly album closer Princess Diana 13th Pillar Ritual Sacrifice to Reptilian Hecate!, a pulsating, slithering construct, alternately claustrophobic and abrasive, which coils itself around the throat and ears over the course of 30 minutes before finally dilating and dissipating, taking with it a little piece of sanity. Taken as a whole, the album is an exhausting listen but therein lies its charm, a challenging listen that taxes the psyche as well the senses." [David Bowes] The Skinny.


CD - £8:00