You are floating freely through space, aware of the fact that you should not be able to breathe in this environment. Yet you can. There has been nothing to see since you arrived in this state. But now, a glowing object appears in the distance.
At first it is indistinct, but slowly its form becomes apparent - a reptilian figure dressed in a garment seeming made from white light. It strides through the void towards you, despite your attempts to swim away. Once it is within earshot, you hear it talking. "You are the last. It all ends with you". As it speaks, it reaches out and touches your shoulder. Your body splits into millions of atoms racing away from one another. The pain is indescribable. Suddenly a sucking type sound is heard, and all the parts reunite. A mental flash. You feel hard ground against your back. But you are afraid to open your eyes. What horrors await you now?

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