You can feel the heat of a substantial fire upon your face, but your eyes refuse to open. Your skin crawls with the sensation of life very close to you, almost but not quite touching. A sense of loneliness and desolation fills you. You rise to escape, but your blindness causes you to stagger forward into flames - you are saved by the being in the room. Suddenly your vision is regained, and the thing is revealed - a human-sized maggot covered with a skin of writhing
smaller larvae. You recoil in horror, but simulateously experience a feeling of absolute calm. The creature draws closer, and your initial repulsion turns to an immobile acceptance. The giant maggot engorges you with the mass of its body; surrounding you with a foul plasma. The only escape is to throw yourself into the flames. As you do so, there is a hellish scream; you are not sure whether it is you or the monster who is making the sound. Which, if either, of you is still alive?

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